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BRAwler Tactical Bra Clip

Your Price: $25.00
Want to be different than anyone else? Then here is your chance. The Heart Breaker is made from 14 gauge stainless steel. We have included smoking cool Kydex case along with a key chain. Get yours today. You won't be disappointed!
Part Number: 13-150
Availability: Orders Ship in 7-14 Business Days.

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The BRAwler is one of a kind. Designed and developed right here at MXM. The BRAwler clips to any bra and is a Bottle opener as well. BRAwler comes with our tacticool Heart Breaker made from stainless steel for superior longevity. We offer our standard finish along several powder coated colors. So if your out for a jog or just need a little extra protection relax we got you covered. Handcrafted and made to your order right here in the USA. As always remember to "Protect Yourself".


BRAwler Tactical Bra Clip
Orders Ship in 7-14 Business Days.